Welcome, I am Hana Vykoupilová


What is coaching?

Coaching is a way to get personal recognition for what you want to achieve. It is immensely effective because it works under the assumption that every person knows the answers to his or her questions better than anybody else. Coaching is actually an old "Socratic" method in which a client opens his or her potential of answers and solutions through the questions of the coach.

As a coach I am a guide in the landscape of your own mind. By means of questions, I help you uncover your inner wisdom, your answers and solutions. I do not give advice; I do not judge the aim. I firmly believe in the potential of each client and I accept them as they are.

Coaching will help you find your own path. It will reveal your awareness of your own potential and what specific steps will lead you to your goal.

Coaching is neither psychotherapy nor psychological counselling. It is an effective way of determining the steps you want to take on your way to your aim.

When is coaching suitable?

Coaching is suitable when you need to find a solution for your personal, or work-related situation. The solution that will make sense to you and will motivate you.

The main benefit of coaching is a completely individual approach aimed at achieving what you really want. It can be finding your own aim or direction; it can also be increasing your own productivity. But it can be recognition and reinforcement of your own strengths, or a rediscovering of what pleases you and brings you joy. It can even be realising and working with your own blocks and limitations in your mindset.

However, you may also be "stuck" at some point and need to think about what to do next. There are as many situations in which coaching can be an effective method as there are stories from life.

How does coaching session work? And how much does it cost?

A coaching session is conducted in the form of talk. At the same time, it is also possible to use space, movement, imagination, senses and emotions. The choice of how to run the coaching session is determined by the nature and needs of the client.

The coaching session usually takes 60 minutes. It can be conducted as a personal meeting, online or by phone. The coaching sessions may be regular or irregular, depending on the aims and needs of the client. Coaching can be for an individual or for a team.

The price is a matter of individual agreement, and always depends on specific conditions - the number of sessions, the form of the sessions or the initial conditions of the client. 

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