"Coaching sessions with Hanka were relaxing times for me in which I did a large amount of work. Hanka was my support during the creation and implementation of a new project in our office. Through her well-targeted questions, I was able to evaluate all the risks of the project and consider the individual steps. I really appreciate her sensitive and empathetic approach, which is based on her expert knowledge and practical experience from coaching trainings. I can only recommend her work." 

Marcela Vaňatková

"I have been cooperating with Hanka for several years. We choose a form of coaching according to current needs, a mediated discussion or workshop. Hanka can manage all forms. The most important thing is that we can always find a solution to any problem with her help."

Jakub Tománek, CEO RESEA

"We arranged cooperation with Mrs Hana Vykoupilova in order to increase the assertive approach of our sales department employees towards their colleagues from production. Given the individual preparation, and based on the experience, I am convinced that Mrs Vykoupilova will be an ideal coach." 

Ing. Tomáš Tuček, Ředitel pro export, BMT Medical Technology s.r.o.